4th Annual Smashworks Social

A huge thank you to our supporters and donors who made our 4th Annual Smashworks Social a success! We passed our fundraising goal, and had a blast sharing our mission with you. With well over thirty friends in attendance, this was our largest “intimate” event yet! All donations will directly fund dancers’ salaries and our new Smashworks Advocacy Initiative. Guests enjoyed rooftop views, wine and hors d’oeuvres, a #movethevote Photo Booth with take home polaroids, and an intimate performance tour featuring excerpts from “Refusing to be disposed,” McQueen’s Master’s Thesis solo with original projection and paint.


Stephanie Jauch

Lily Hann

Ana Sulakvelidze

Ekaterina Nezhelskaya

Alexandra Weiner

Lisa Malanga

Anna Zekan

Alexa Davila

Annie Buttarazzi

Taseen Ferdous

Junting Wei

Ia Merkviladze

Justin Dollinger

Amanda Dollinger

Kendra Williams

Myke Thayer

Medea Asatiani

Danielle Albertina

Jet Roberts

Jeffrey King

Stephanie Yoshida

John Acosta

Dennis Slater

Michael Espiritu

Ziyao Yu

Céalagh Fitzpatrick

Julie Hendrickson

Rachel Schatz

Mario Cacciola

Tommy Kirkland

George Barchini

Kurt Gosselin

Lidewei Verbelen

Hannah Naomi

We have big plans as we move forward with Smashing Borders, our first campaign dedicated to empowering refugee and immigrant youth through accessible dance education and performance.

With your help, we can make this happen! 

If you're interested in continuing your support of the arts and our mission, please consider a recurring donation (even just $10 a month!). Your support will help us launch our education outreach program, and allow us to continue creating innovative and thought-provoking work. You can set up a recurring donation every month through our Fractured Atlas page - and all donations are tax-deductible:


Any amount makes a difference!

Thank you for your support! 


Ashley and Ana