A letter from Artistic Director and Founder Ashley McQueen:

Growing up in Alabama, I was always a passionate artist fueled by the injustices of the government system. Getting into heated debates at the lunch table in fourth grade, I advocated for a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body, and equal rights for the LGBT community.

Since moving to New York, I have utilized Smashworks Dance as my creative outlet, and a platform to promote dialogue about complicated issues.

Over the past two years, I tried organizing events and collaborating with other groups: our first Smashworks Film Festival was a curated dance film showing, a free opportunity for artists to have their work screened and promoted, that donated all profits to Planned Parenthood, and our performance of “For Which It Stands” took donations for Dancers Responding to AIDs. I desired to initiate even more direct community outreach, but didn’t have the resources or even know where to start.

Since finishing my MFA in Dance through Hollins University, I began questioning my greater purpose and wondering how I can create political work that actually makes change outside the theater. How can I integrate political action and artistic expression? How can we as artists truly give back to the community?

I first met Ana almost five years ago during our time at Birmingham-Southern College. We serendipitously reunited last year when she attended our political-satire performance “For Which It Stands.” When we finally sat down and reconnected, our mutual desire for political action and arts advocacy was overwhelming, and three weeks later the Smashworks Advocacy Initiative was founded. In hearing Ana’s experiences, I knew that our first campaign must focus on shifting U.S. immigration policies and empowering those who struggle within this system. 

Smashworks is a diverse company of movers, featuring women from Mexico, Italy, France, Canada, Georgia, and the U.S. We are proud to represent a variety of backgrounds and heritages. I am proud to work alongside such strong and passionate artists, and look forward to expanding this advocacy branch to include campaigns that focus on other pressing topics, such as gender equality, women’s healthcare, LGBT rights, Black Lives Matter, and more.